Here at IceBlue Digital, we're proud to be recognised as Microsoft Gold Partners, and have been working with Microsoft Azure since their outset; meaning we have extensive knowledge of Azure and how it could enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organisation. One of our valued clients saved over £17K over a period of three years!

Is your business already in Microsoft Azure, or are you looking to migrate your current infrastructure to save thousands of pounds and drive efficiencies? With Microsoft Azure, your business will be able to reap the following benefits: 

  • Secure, efficient and cost-effective, in-cloud environment
  • Enables remote access; helping teams work from home, anytime
  • Utilise online applications to increase efficiency and streamline processes
  • Fully scalable to resource levels and operational when you are; helping save money whilst you're not working
  • Environmentally friendly 

Many organisations still use physical server cabinets, and tend to need to either reduce or increase the capacity over time; meaning those who have purchased on-prem servers have over-provisioned and are likely spending too much money.  Moving your infrastructure to the Cloud can save thousands by only paying for what you use by the minute, which also helps with staffing levels going forward. 

If you would like to have your current infrastructure reviewed, for free, get in touch with us today! Alternatively, if you are looking to migrate your current estate to Azure, the team will be happy to take your call on 01384 563050 .

Our team are able to review your current Azure infrastructure to ensure it's working the best it can, or we can help your organisation move your physical infrastructure into Azure in the most cost-effective way. 


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