Who we are

Meet the team of gymnasts, animal lovers, selfie-takers, musicians, marathon runners, equestrians, obstacle course racers and even a pilot!

Jennifer Long
Jennifer Long Managing Director
Ash Payne
Ash Payne IT & Programming Director
Paul Long
Paul Long Sales Director
Amy Reason
Amy Reason Finance Director
Jody Yardley
Jody Yardley Senior Account Manager
Claire Smith
Claire Smith Account Manager & Head of Events
Kristian Wolseley-Charles
Kristian Wolseley-Charles Cloud Specialist
Kate Pardoe
Kate Pardoe .NET Programmer
Lindsey Faulkner
Lindsey Faulkner HR Specialist
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams .NET Programmer
Stuart Matthew
Stuart Matthew Senior Designer
Lee Davies
Lee Davies .NET Programmer
Gemma Cook
Gemma Cook Product support
Jake Palmer
Jake Palmer Junior Accountant
Grace Law
Grace Law Marketing and Events Assistant
Rhys Olson
Rhys Olson Junior Developer
Oliver Mulders
Oliver Mulders Assistant Accountant
Meg Thurley
Meg Thurley Marketing Assistant
Tymon Munn
Tymon Munn Cloud Deployment Engineer
Simon  Thornycroft
Simon Thornycroft Business Development Manager