Our sister company, MetalTrack, required a brand-new website to be developed, to integrate a whole new layout and design to maximise user experience. Our team worked hard to create this fresh, forward-thinking website which showcases the company’s services and culture.  

We worked alongside the MetalTrack team to help meet their requirements, whilst ensuring a well-optimised site is developed. This includes fresh content for the audience’s insight, and SEO (search engine optimisation) to help improve their online rankings. 

Since creating a full marketing plan for the company, our team have been able to see the concept become reality. We’ve taken on their social media accounts, email marketing, Google Ads and print advertising to help create engaging material that will build their brand awareness in the market and increase conversions.

Not only this, but we now complete monthly reports for MetalTrack; helping keep track of their performance on all the above platforms utilised – from website analytics to social media accounts, these platforms are seeing noticeable results month-on-month!

In conclusion, our programming, design and marketing teams have enjoyed being part of this project and as ongoing marketing continues, we look forward to seeing the exciting changes our work brings to the business!

Take a look around and view the website for yourself: https://www.metaltrack.co.uk/