The IceBlue seeds were sown when we became an incorporated company and moved to a new home. With a few familiar clients and a portfolio of work under our belt, our green shoots were already turning blue.
A crucial year for the IceBlue team saw the launch of the ‘findit’ network, which has since flourished into a mighty oak. Who would have thought, way back when in the days of Nokia and Girls Aloud, that the very first ‘findit’ would lead to more than 40,000 members..?
Technology, technology, technology. This was the year when we worked hard and trained harder. Recognising that new technology would shape marketing, design and software for years to come, we took the leap and became the experts. Google seminars in Chicago, anyone? Well, if we must.
As banks collapsed and the global economy shrivelled, agencies were going out of business left, right and centre – but for IceBlue, this was a time of growth. Thanks to our investment in skills, technology and multiple disciplines, we not only survived the recession but blossomed.
That’s when things got very interesting and innovative. We launched the UK’s first online P11D Manager tax system, the ‘findit’ network took on its fourth major partner and our reputation reached the ears of many major new clients. How do you like them apples..?
Now we’re set for even bigger and better things. Our skills and technology have matured with experience and we’ve grown to a team of 17 people. We’re one of the West Midlands’ most innovative and proven marketing, design and website agencies. If only we could clone our genes.

Meet The Team

Jennifer Long

Managing Director

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our MD is just one person. Marketer, programmer, designer, accountant; Jen’s done it all and now puts her skills to use running the whole show.

Emma Bloor

Creative Director

An artist at heart, our Creative Director Emma is forward thinking and brings the latest innovations and technologies to the agency; in October 2014 she attended Adobe’s Creativity Conference in Los Angeles about its DPS suite and Muse software.

Paul Long

Sales Director

Sales Director Paul is often known as the face of IceBlue because he’s the man who’s out and about, meeting the people who matter and getting his foot in the very best doors.

Ash Payne

Programming Director

Our Programming Director and an experienced and highly-skilled web wizard, whose team delivers our programming, software, website, SEO and database development work.

Claire Smith

Events Manager

Queen of the FinditinB2B business networks and a consummate event manager, Claire is the most organised and capable individual for miles around.

Colette Smith

Graphic Designer

Colette is our bright and bubbly graphic designer; she is ever expanding her repertoire of talents through training in the latest technology and can build complete one page websites, apps, interactive graphics and animations.

Gemma Cook

Business Development Executive

If Claire is the Queen of the FinditinB2B network, then Gemma is the Princess. Experienced in event management, Gemma is a multi-skilled ‘doer’ who gets things done.

Jamie Williams

.Net Programmer

Jamie is an accomplished programmer and developer and almost certainly dreams in code. Working in our technical team, he is responsible for the programming and maintenance behind our key websites, products, software and apps.

Jody Yardley

Account Manager

Multi-talented Jody is our key account manager, a fully qualified accountant and permanent star of the show. She is the driving force behind the whole of the IceBlue team.

Lee Davies

.Net Programmer

A talented and focussed developer and programmer, Lee is our unsung hero who quietly goes about his work. Yet to be beaten by any technical challenge (that we know of).

Anna Walker

Product Support

Anna is a tax specialist with over 15 years experience, combining her broad knowledge with a friendly approach to support our Taxshield clients. She also assists our team by creating detailed specification documents for our products.

Amandeep Sangha

Office Junior

Aman is IceBlue's Digital Marketing apprentice, working alongside the sales team to deliver our products. With a bubbly personality and fresh ideas, Aman achieves results.

Kate Pardoe

Software Developer

Kate is a hard working and talented member of our programming team. She uses her vast technical experience to program and maintain our websites, software, products and apps.

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